The latest and our favorites - the published articles and other amazing actions completed in 2018.


Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition on FERC’s FEIS greenlight for the Williams fracked gas pipeline:

“Governor Cuomo, join those fighting for a truly Green New Deal and the renewable future we deserve, and stop this pipeline for good”

New Yorkers escalate demand for Gov. Cuomo to stop the Williams Pipeline

A dramatic banner drop and letter delivery signed by over 200 NY organizations demanding for the NESE pipeline to be stopped at Governor Cuomo’s office.

New Yorkers shut down the street in front of Cuomo's NYC office

Following the People’s Climate Movement: Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, on Spetember 7th, Ten New Yorkers took a powerful stand demanding Cuomo to Rise to the Climate Crisis.

The People's Hearing on the Williams NESE Fracked Gas Pipeline

86 in-person testimonies at FERC’s public hearing in Bay Ridge on the pipeline. FERC tried to quieten our voices with the Department of Homeland Security, but we stood up against this dirty money operation.