Stop the Williams Pipeline

stop the williams pipeline


The Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Pipeline is a fracked gas pipeline proposed by Tulsa-based energy company Williams. It would run through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the waters off of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Rockaways.

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Why oppose?

There are a several reasons why the Williams NESE pipeline is harmful.

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climate change

Fracked gas adds to the climate crisis. As the UN reported, we have less than twelve years left to find renewable solutions, and we must start acting now.


harm to human health

The seabed that would be trenched for this pipeline contains toxic substances like arsenic, lead, and PCBs that would end up in our water.


extremely expensive

The pipeline is projected to cost almost a billion dollars—which could end up being shouldered by consumers.


NYCHA buildings have struggled with heating problems over the last several winters, yet these problems have nothing to do with access to gas…



Williams and its subsidiary Transco have a terrible safety record. Over the last decade, six people have died and 102 have been injured because of Williams-related accidents.


harm to marine life

In addition to churning up toxins into the sea water, construction would take place seven days a week, producing noise and water turbidity that would threaten sea creatures such as Humpback whales, sea turtles and the endangered Atlantic sturgeon.


better, renewable options

The renewable economy is already here. Solutions like offshore wind, community solar, and geothermal and heat pumps are being developed right in our backyard.



The Williams NESE project would include

  • 23 miles of offshore pipeline in Raritan Bay and Lower New York Bay
  • 3.5 miles of pipeline in Middlesex County, NJ
  • 10 miles of pipeline in Lancaster County, PA
  • a new compressor station in a residential section of Somerset County, NJ

All of this would connect in Pennsylvania with another Williams pipeline, the 10,200-mile Transco pipeline, which begins in Texas. The section in New York Bay would come within a mile and a half of Staten Island before continuing on to connect with the Rockaway Lateral pipeline, which runs under Jacob Riis Park and Jamaica Bay in the Rockaways .



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