National Grid is currently holding ratepayers and small businesses hostage in order to pressure Governor Cuomo into approving a pipeline that we don’t need. Here are fact sheets, reports, news articles, action steps and more related to the moratorium.


Our Open Letter to PSC Chairman John Rhodes on National Grid’s Misrepresentation of Gas Supply
Cancelled pipeline contracts, profits made from selling gas, and inconsistent PR statements provide more evidence that National Grid is lying about its gas supply

Fact Sheet: National Grid and the Williams Pipeline
All you need to know about National Grid and this dangerous project.

False Demand: The Case Against the Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline
This in-depth report uses boiler conversion data, energy use projections, and much more to debunk Williams’ and National Grid’s unsubstantiated claims that the Williams NESE pipeline is needed. Authored by Suzanne Mattei, a former regional director at the DEC, now with Lookout Hill Public Policy Associates. . 

Trust Us: Manufacturing a Panic for Pipelines and Profit 
Con Ed and National Grid are pressuring the Cuomo Administration to approve new pipelines, which generate massive and predictable profits for the utilities and pipeline corporations, but cause climate change and thwart the state’s plans to cut pollution.



Great article on induction stoves (LA Times, 4/4/19)

Induction stoves: 5 reasons they are better than gas (YouTube)

INFORMATION ON GEOTHERMAL heating and cooling for New Yorkers

Renewable-ready heating in New York State

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Fact Sheet

New York State’s Official Ground Source Heat Pump Page

INFORMATION ON Rebates and Incentives for Switching to Electric

The Clean Energy Action Plan provides relief for businesses and residents affected by a utility company gas moratorium. Through the plan, the State will help:

  • Lower energy costs for consumers

  • Promote economic development

  • Provide additional resources for community awareness and support

Rockaway and Long Island Customers may not fall under the umbrella of NYSERDA, so PSEG offers renewable and efficiency incentives too.

VIDEO: how geothermal heating works

VIDEO: Why Energy Efficiency is key to renewable solutions


Join us on Thursday, October 10, from 6:30pm - 9pm at Bungalow Bar event space in Rockaway Beach, NY to learn about renewable heating and cooling options for your home and business coupled with energy efficiency, and building a resilient and sustainable Rockaway Peninsula. Complimentary Appetizers will be served. Doors open at 6:30pm

Our speakers, followed by an audience Q&A:

John Franceschina, PE Senior Manager for Lockheed Martin’s Energy Efficiency and Demand Response program for PSEG Long Island.

Zachary Fink lead Geothermal Designer for ZBF Geothermal, LLC. At ZBF Geothermal, Zach specializes on high performance geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Walter Meyer
Walter Meyer is an urban designer who uses ecosystem services to create resilient hydrology and energy systems, especially in vulnerable coastal communities.
In 2013, Meyer was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for his work using alternate energy as a means of immediate relief and an engine for long-term economic recovery after Superstorm Sandy.